We have tried just about everything.

While we did not spend a significant amount of time in the sun with it on, we liked the way the block goes on and rubs right in without leaving that white look.
We assume it will be very effective, based on the Amazon reviews and what you have conveyed to us. I was in the yard for an hour or so and didn't notice any color.

I'm kind of addicted to the Breath Freshener ... great product! Used the deodorant yesterday, and it it seems to be working. As you know, I am very much against aluminum-based products. This is even better than the Tom's that I use, as there are no other harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol, etc.

I did a couple of little tests with Rash Block and Itch Block. Had a mosquito bite that will usually itch for at least an hour without treatment. Itch Block relieved the itch in about 5 minutes. The next test was that when I shave, I get a bit irritated on the neck sometimes. I used Itch Block on 1/2 of the irritated area and Rash Block on the rest of the area. Both worked equally well and relieved the irritation quickly. Normally, it would annoy for quiet awhile after shaving.

Green Jellies: We like the consistency and how they apply; Seems they would be good barriers to keep minor cuts clean, diaper rash dry, etc. ... Should be in medicine cabinets, purses, overnight bags, diaper bags everywhere. By the way ... Alternative to Petroleum Jelly: Deb is just in love with the whole idea of a true un-petroleum jelly, and yours is great.

All the best,
T. Riley (August 2015)

I'm happy to say I received your products and posted my review today. Please check it out! I'm loving what I received and will buy in the future once I use these all up.

Courtney (June 15, 2015 Blog Post) - http://diaperslipstickandcupcakesohmy.com/

I was seriously considering ordering the unscented version of sunblock since I'm ridiculously sensitive to fragrance... but of chemical/synthetic nature-not naturally derived. However I just love Frankincense and Rosemary and am aware of the healing benefits. I chose the original version and am SO pleased that I did. The scent is very light and once on skin it's not even noticeable. I have tried SO MANY different natural sunscreens recommended on EWG site. NOTHING compares to this! I was astonished from the very first use.. and I've never had such a remarkable experience with just one single use. Instead of using my normal daily serum and moisturizer I just washed my face and applied sunblock directly. It was almost as if I had used a BB creme.. as it literally improved the appearance of my skin instantaneously! It is a great base underneath my mineral makeup-no need for primer or corrector. I live in Arizona and it's already up in the 90's and I'm out in sun a lot. The protection lasts a long time and my skin just loves this stuff! I haven't burned or even gotten pink after hours outside. I can't say enough positive about it. I highly recommend 3rd Rock! The greatest part is that this is actually good and healing for my skin.. not just protection. So much more. I'll never be without this and won't bother with any other brands again!

-Lisa Valle, Arizona (2015)

3rdRock Sun Block:
Having been concerned about the chemical contents of “store bought” suntan lotions I was so pleased to come across your product on the Honey Colony website. I made an immediate purchase and could not believe the difference. Commercial products not only felt bad on my body and face but also stung my eyes. With 3rd Rock the cream smooth’s on easily, feels comfortable, and the fact that it does not sting my eyes tells me that it is a pure and good product. If that was not enough reason to keep buying the sunblock, I found that following a horrid bout of poison ivy, I could get no relief from any cream or lotion prescribed or over the counter, so turned to my bottle of sunblock. The relief I felt was practically instant and greatly advanced the healing process and contained the spread to other areas. Now we use it as the first “go-to” for any skin problems including insect bites and burns. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

3rdRock Deodorant Spray:
I had been concerned for a long time about the commercial deodorants available because of the chemicals and metals they contain, so when I learned of 3rd Rocks deodorant availability I was keen to try it. When it arrived I was a little perturbed as I did not think it would last more than a few days. However I was pleasantly surprised in that a little goes a long way and even that .5 oz size lasted at least four weeks. I can now feel confident that I am using an effective product and at the same time, I am not applying harsh chemicals to my skin.

So thank you 3rd Rock for allowing me to make wise choices.

~Necia O'Neill, Virginia (2015)

We used it at the beach this weekend.  I really love it! It rubs in so nicely – better than any I’ve tried.  My 11 year old daughter loved that too since she hates having a white film all over her! Love the smell. Ordering a few more bottles today for myself. Thanks for doing what you have done to create this product – it’s amazing. 

 --Angelle Batten, MEd, Holistic Health Coach

I am elated that such a product as 3rd Rock Sunblock exists!  We have been using other mineral sunblocks for years with the same active ingredient of zinc oxide, but have switched to 3rd Rock Sunblock.  Why?  Because it's the ideal sunscreen according to the Environmental Working Group's criteria: completely blocks the UV rays that cause sunburn, immune suppression and damaging free radicals.

1. 3rd Rock blocks the UV rays that cause sunburn, but goes beyond any other product on the market to also
2. Strengthen the skin’s immune response with essential oils (frankinscense and rosemary) and
3. Protects skin cells from becoming cancerous by strengthening its cell walls (the first line of defense against toxins and free radicals) with super-antioxidants like beta glutan, carotenoids, Vitamins C and E and cytoprotectants like Aloe Barbadensis-Miller.

Plus, 3rd Rock’s micronized zinc oxide is highly translucent and skin tone matched to blend in so you won't be the "white ghost" in the crowd.  We noticed this difference immediately!  Rubs in easily without any "whiteout".  Priceless.

--Dr. Susan McCreadie, Holistic Pediatrician, getREALforkids.com


I learned about 3rd Rock Sunblock from my new Holistic Moms Network group in Raleigh. A single application before 4 hours of swimming has kept my baby's skin from burning. I have never used a sunblock that works so well!

We have gone through 3 bottles and I just ordered 5 more! It's cleaner than anything else on the market. Some of the members of the holistic moms group say it has even made liver spots go away on their skin.

--Lauren Bergstrom, Raleigh, North Carolina


Thank you for your wonderful Earth friendly sunscreen.  I am amazed at how good it is for my skin.  I am always confident I won't burn when I use it in the sun - surfing, snowboarding, running, whichever outdoor activity, - and after I use it, my skin always feels hydrated and sort of strengthened.  I now use it as a night cream too, it reduces the redness of my skin (I have very sensitive skin), and I find it even speeds up the healing of cold sores or any type of inflammation for that matter.  It's my miracle cream - Please never stop producing it!!

-Sonia Cote, Bromont, Quebec (2013)



Thank you so much for 3rd Rock Sunblock! 

Years ago, I had a mole on my face that my Dermatologist thought was nothing but recommended I have it removed.  Well it turned out to be cancer so I am very conscious about being out in the sun and making sure I am protected.

I have not truly found a lotion that I did not react to until 3rd Rock Sunblock! That was exactly my hesitation when I met your daughters at the SCUBA SHOW early this month.  Thank you so much for the sample tube!!!  

It has helped my freckles and moles fade.  I also placed it on a spot in my arm that looked like either a fungal infection or another cancer mole and after a week, it totally healed!!!  I wish I took a picture of the before and after to show you.

I believe there is a purpose for everything and I am so blessed to have met you and your daughter!   May God continue to bless you and your family's ministry!

With much gratitude,

Michele Inigo
Long Beach CA Aquarium Dive Volunteer


I have been thinking about you and 3rd Rock Sunblock extensively over the last couple of days. I tried a sample and was impressed that it didn't leave nasty white streaks.  So well done!  I am very passionate about healthy living and sunscreen is my biggest pet peeve. 

--Ania Dunlop

NYC, New York

3rd Rock Sunblock produces a 30+ SPF that has NO hormone disruptors, PABA, parabens, benzones, or other nasty chemicals. Its active ingredient is zinc oxide, which is cleverly delivered so the product does not leave white patches on the skin, it is water resistant, and has phytonutrients that help heal the skin and body.

This is the best solution I have found in years!  3rd Rock Sunblock is better than I could have imagined!  I am very happy with my first test on the slopes in Snowmass, Colorado.  I can't wait to share it with my family, friends and patients!

Thank you,
Nancy Doreo, DC

Hi. I talked with you last month about your sunblock.  I am enjoying the benefits.  I have been using it daily under my makeup to help with sun damage I currently have and to protect from further damage.  It is a little oily under my makeup, but I have extremely oily skin.  I am excited about it being chemical free and am telling everyone!

I have one friend that has ordered so far.

Thank you,
Melody Gough, Michigan

"This is the sunblock I've been waiting for since I became a mom 9 years ago!  3rd Rock really protects my daughters from getting sunburned, even after a full day at the beach with lots of swimming.  I feel great knowing 3rd Rock Sunblock is not only safe, but good for them - and me too!  Plus it goes on so easily, which is a real bonus with kids!" 

--Christine Cyporyn, Michigan

Hi Guerry. I ordered your sunscreen a week or so ago, and am wildly impressed with it. I wore it on my face and neck last weekend at the beach, and never reapplied. My skin was free of burns, and felt so soft. I haven’t broken out either, which is a first for me. ALL sunscreen seem to make my face break out in at least one or two pimples, but not this one. I just had to write and thank you. 

--Anna Rask

I have been suffering from hives for the past two years and have been unable to find ANYTHING that helps.  I've been to 4 different allergists. I tried numerous over-the-counter remedys and even tried a prescription (Triamcinolone) medication and NONE of them relieve the itch of my hives like 3rd Rock Sunblock.  I believe that it not only relieves the itch but actually gets rid of the hives.  3rd Rock Sunblock is amazing !!  Thank You ~~

Pauline L. Sulentic RN, HNC
Authentically Balanced
Integrative Life & Health Coaching

"I used 3rd Rock Sunblock in my last race and I felt better knowing that I wasn't coating myself with female-mimicking hormone analogs.  I prefer to use sunblock made from ingredients that are safe enough to eat."

--Alex Arrow, 40, MD and amateur triathlete, member of Silicon Valley Triathlon Club


Hi there!  My Uncle helped develop 3rd Rock Sunblock, so I've been using it for a year and a half now :)

My testimonial is that this past spring on Track and Field Day, it was a Sunny, 90+ degree day here in Southern Minnesota.  I put 3rd Rock on all 3 of my kids in the morning before school at 7:30am.  Track and Field Day didn't start until 9am, and I did not reapply it once throughout the day.  Not one of my kids had ANY sunburn that day!  I've never had that happen before with any other sunscreen! It works SO well, and its SO good for your skin, too!

Tammy Meyer
Belle Plaine, Minnesota



Every morning I used to fight with my kids to put on sunscreen.  They play outstide for several hours a day, so not wearing sunscreen isn't an option.  We have used California Baby, Badger and Mexitan, and because they squirm and fight me, they looked like little ghosts going to daycare because they wouldn't sit still long enough for me to rub it in (they are 4 and 2).  Since switching to 3rd Rock, I have less fights in the morning because they enjoy the smell of the sunblock, and less fights makes me one happy momma!  Plus, I love the fact that 3rd Rock rubs in very easily so that there isn't that "white out" look.  But, the most important thing for me is that I know I am not putting toxic chemicals on my kids every day.  3rd Rock rocks!!!!  :)

Jessica Falk Michelli

Alpine, CA


I wear it (3rd Rock Sunblock) under my make-up. I wear a base, powder and eye make-up. I put it on my face over my day-time cream and wait about 10 minutes before I do my make-up so it has time to absorb.  The glycerin actually gives my face moisture. I work out everyday too and it stays on and doesn’t burn my eyes like many sunscreen’s typically do… It is also preventing mass freckles on my face which of course was the true test. I am using it on my toddler and love, love, love it for her. She says, “mommy, it doesn’t burn, so soft”. The others from the drug store make her break out in a rash and they burn when they are applied. You are correct about it staying on in the pool, it is great at that. And yes, I think the dry climate helps mellow out the oils in the product, so it is a win-win around here.  I have a couple people you should connect with that work in Doctors’ offices. 

Kendra A Wright 

Las Vegas, NV



Hi Guerry,

Lisa Lindsay-Shaw here. We met at the Summer Water Safety Exhibit this past Sunday at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Old Coast Guard Station. I was the one with the big white floppy hat there with my daughter, who has sensitive skin, and my husband the landscaper. Yes, that's right, it's me! : )


First, it was truly a joy and pleasure to have met, and spoken with you. You are truly a wonderful person!


Second, AWESOME PRODUCT! I know we only tested a small amount on my daughters wrist, however, with her very sensitive skin, not only did it NOT irritate her in any way, it HEALED and CLEARED a mosquito bite she had there! WHAT?! WOW!

You see, she is allergic to mosquito's, and she had an old bite there that she had scratched and irritated and although it was in the process of  looking much better, three days after the application of your product, 3RD Rock, I noticed NOTHING! No bite, no mark, no skin discoloration...Nothing!


I went to your website and read through it carefully. I've also been sharing with family and friends about this awesome product. I will definitely be in touch with you soon to place an order. I just wanted to touch base with you in advance and re-introduce myself and share of the positive outcome we recently experienced with this product.


My daughter loved the smell and feel, and she shared this with one of her little friends, who also has sensitive skin!


Again, Thank You, Take Care, Great Day to You and Be In Touch Soon!

Lisa Lindsay-Shaw, RACS PSTA Pres., Virginia Beach, VA


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